Peril on Flight 433

A bit dissapointed that nothing that exciting happens on our flights. At least it would entertain Lydia while I slept.


When you catch a flight these days you expect a sleek, professional, uneventful trip from one faceless airport to another. What you don’t expect is drama, excitement and fear. This is our story of Flight 433 from Dubai to London. It wasn’t uneventful ………….

Peril on Flight 433

So sit back and relax as I set the scene for you. The two heroes of our story, Jon and Jo, are boarding their flight in Dubai bound for the bright lights of London Town. It’s the second leg of a journey from Singapore and they are hoping to just sit back and sleep for the bulk of the trip. Nice seats right at the back of the central cabin, economy class only of course as they are the poor relations of the family. All the passengers are settled in as the Airbus A380 sets off for Northern Europe and home. Jon sits back with heavy…

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